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For the past 18 years Victoria has been a Licensed Practitioner with CSL (Centers for Spiritual Living) a global organization that advocates the divinity of all peoples; the oneness of all in God.  As a leader in this organization she facilitates various meditation workshops introducing meditation modalities such as; silent, guided, movement, mindfulness, and laughter meditation. She is also a motivational speaker, a class instructor, and her license extends to areas of spiritual counseling and coaching. Most recently she has been facilitating  meditations exclusive for seniors as well as penal system inmates. Her overall goal is to assist others in embracing their greatness, their gifts, and guiding them in creative and expressive ways that will propel them to their highest good. Knowing that we are all connected, this good is impressed upon all, and the effect is a better, more loving world that works for everyone.    

Forms of Meditation

Silent Meditation


Guided Meditation


Movement Meditation


Mindfulness Meditation


Laughter Meditation